Chair Professor
School of Medcine
Director of scientific research office


Ph.D. in Organic/Bioorganic Chemistry     1990                           University of California, Berkeley

B.S. in Chemistry                                   1984                           Nankai University, China



Endowed Professor                                                                                                           9/2019 - present

College of Pharmacy, South University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

An endowed chair professor in pharmacy

Professor                                                                                                                             8/2011-7/2019

Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University (GSU)

Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) Eminent Scholar

An endowed chair professor in carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology

Chair                                                                                                                                    4/2015-6/2018

Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University (GSU)

Professor                                                                                                                              9/2003-8/2011

Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry, The Ohio State University (OSU)   

Ohio Eminent Scholar, An endowed chair professor in macromolecular structure and function

Member        The Dorothy M. Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, OSU

Member        The Center for Microbial Interface Biology (CMIB), OSU

Member        The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, OSUCCC

Professor                                                                                                                                8/2001-9/2003

Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University

Joint Professor     

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, The Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University

Member         Institute for Drug Design, Wayne State University

Associate Professor                                                                                                                  8/1997-8/2001

Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University

Assistant Professor                                                                                                                   8/1994-8/1997

Department of Chemistry, University of Miami.

Postdoctoral Fellow                                                                                                                   2/1992-8/1994

Scripps Research Institute

Advisor:  Dr. Chi-Huey Wong

Postdoctoral Fellow                                                                                                                    1/1991-2/1992                                                                                                           

University of California, Berkeley

Advisor: Dr. Mark D. Bednarski                                              

Research Assistant                                                                                                                      5/1987-12/1990

University of California, Berkeley

Advisor: Dr. Mark D. Bednarski & Dr. Andrew Streitwieser



Glycoscience on glycobiolgy, glycochemistry, glycoanalysis, glycomics, glyco-immunology and glyco-pharmaceutical science, with emphasis on carbohydrate-based vaccines, glycopeptide and glycoprotein drugs and immunotherapy.


Medicinal Chemistry/Chemical Biology with emphasis on development of anticancer drugs and other pharmaceuticals through mechanism-based drug design on posttranslational protein modification.



2012     The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow                                                            


2009     The Recipient of Grand Challenges Exploration Award Phase I from the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation   


2002     The Horace S. Isbell Award from the American Chemical Society, Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry (only one such award is given each year by the American Chemical Society Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry to a scientist of less than 41-years-old who has made outstanding contributions to the field of carbohydrate chemistry or glycobiology)                                                                                                                                                


2000     Co-recipient of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Honoring Professor C. -H.Wong                                                                


2000     The Metro Detroit’s Creator from Crain’s Detroit Business                                                                  


1999     Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award from The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation (criteria for this award include an independent body of scholarship attained within the first five years of their appointment as independent researchers, and a demonstrated commitment to education, signaling the promise of continuing outstanding contributions to both research and teaching. Each year 10 to 15 awards are given.)                                                                                                                                   

1996-01 National Institutes of Health First Independent Research Support and Transition (FIRST)               


1988      NATO Fellowship from NATO Advanced Study Institute                                                                    




Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Biological Chemistry                                            2014-present

Associate Editor of Organic Chemistry Frontiers                                                              2018-present

Member of Editorial Board of American Journal of Biomedical Sciences                              2008-present

Member of Editorial Board of Carbohydrate Research                                                       2005-2012

Member of Editorial Board of Applied and Environmental Microbiology                               2003-present

Member of Editorial Board of Marine Drugs                                                                     2002-present

Regional Editor, Current Organic Chemistry                                                                     2002-present

Member of Editorial Board of Medicinal Research Reviews                                                 2001-present




American Chemical Society 

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

American Society for Microbiology

The Society for Glycobiology




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